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    3 ways to find a home when nothing is for sale

    What are you supposed to do when there’s nothing available?

    I hear this and similar questions all the time. Inventory is as low as it’s been in decades. But interest rates are PHENOMENAL right now and you want to take advantage of cheap money.

    There are 3 ways to find a home when nothing is for sale. And in order to do these three things, you only have to do ONE thing: contact me. That’s it. Once I understand what you want, here are the three things I do to find a house that isn’t in your search:

    1. Identify neighborhoods that have the type of home you want to buy.

    I then go knock on all the doors and ask everyone if they want to sell. No, seriously. This works. They look out the door and see a big, smiling giant and I ask them if they want to sell. Most laugh, some get angry, but we only need one. And that one will be yours. That conversation looks like this.

    2. Go through the MLS and find homes one price bracket above your range that have been listed for 30+ days.

    These homes are ripe for a price reduction, and any offer may look better than no offer. These sellers are getting frustrated and may choose to give you the reduction on your offer.

    Click here to search the MLS.

    3. Go through the MLS and find ideal homes that sold between 2008 and 2012.

    These homes were bought CHEAP and the sellers are sitting on a ton of equity. All it takes it big, friendly me to knock on their door and ask. Most people simply haven’t considered moving. It takes the question to get the wheels turning. And guess what? I have a buyer for them: YOU.

    Any agent can watch the MLS and pray the right listing will come along. A great agent will go find you the house.

    Click here to find off-market properties.

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